Mouth Cancer Screening

Mouth Cancer Screening

Mouth cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world. There are no national screening programmes in the UK for mouth or oropharyngeal cancer.

Common Signs & Symptoms

A tumour can develop on the surface of the tongue, inside of your cheeks, in the lining of the mouth, palate, lips or gums. Common symptoms include pain when swallowing, mouth ulcers that do not heal, white or red patches on the lining of the mouth or tongue, lumps in the neck, loose teeth for no reason, persistent numbness on the lip or tongue, etc.

How Regular Dental Check-Ups Can Help

Research done by Cancer Research UK has shown that people who smoke, or using other forms of tobacco or drink heavily are at higher risk of mouth and throat cancers. Poor oral hygiene and infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV) also increases your risk of developing a mouth cancer. 

Regular dental check-ups are essential in the early diagnosis of mouth cancer, even if you have false teeth.

At Worthing Road Dental Practice, we routinely screen for mouth cancer signs and symptoms. If we notice something unusual or suspect cancer, we will refer you to a specialist for further evaluation immediately.

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