Paediatric Dentistry

Your Child’s Teeth

Caring for your child’s teeth is vital, and we provide dental care for your whole family.

When babies are around 6-8 months old, the two bottom front teeth are usually the first to emerge. Next are the upper four front teeth, followed by the remaining teeth until all 20 have appeared by the time your child is 2 ½ years old.

It’s important to help your child maintain good hygiene, and a healthy diet as the baby teeth hold space for permanent teeth and are crucial for biting, chewing, speech and appearance.

First Dental Visit r

Your child has decades of dental visits ahead, and we want to ensure your little one has a good relationship with the dentist from the start. The age for your child’s first visit is shortly after their second birthday but can be younger if you have any concerns.

The first appointment is brief and may involve an examination of the teeth and gums. During the visit, we may clean the teeth and apply fluoride to protect against any tooth decay.

Permanent Teeth

Permanent teeth begin to appear between age 5 and 6 and will replace some baby teeth.


Your child may have crooked or out-of-place teeth, approximately one-third of 12-year-olds in the UK benefiting from some degree of orthodontic treatment.

If orthodontic treatment is recommended for your child, the dentist will discuss their assessment with you further. Our dentists can provide a preliminary assessment, and you can be referred to see an orthodontist, if necessary.

Good Oral Health For Life!

When your child adopts good oral hygiene practices at a young age and gets into the habit of visiting the dentist on a regular basis, your child will be more likely to continue these activities into adulthood and therefore enjoy healthier teeth and gums for life.

If you would like to make an appointment for your child, contact us today. Our gentle and caring style will help your little one feel at ease.

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We have reopened the practice on 22 June 2020.

Treatment that was postponed and emergencies after lockdown are now prioritised in order of urgency. We will continue to provide telephone and e-mail support to all our patients during this time.

If you need advice on a dental emergency please contact us 01403 252646 or email us at

Please do not come into the practice.

To conform with current safety guidelines and social distancing requirements following measures will be in place:

We will not be able to see as many patients as before. Therefore, we will be taking a phased approach to resumption of service. As above, will start with those patients who have had, or have dental emergencies.

Rest assured, the practice is as safe as possible and we will continue, as always, to apply effective infection control and decontamination to treat all patients, together with the additional safety guidelines from the government.

Thorough decontamination of surgeries and equipment are done between every appointment; therefore, we will need more time between appointments to do that.

Depending on the type of treatment, some surgeries will need to remain empty for an hour before we can clean them.

Taking into consideration that the practice is in a Grade II listed building and the need to social distance; we will only have 1 dentist treating patients, which will considerably reduce available surgery time.

The hygienist will only be able to offer hand scaling, oral hygiene instruction and polish, they will not be able to offer ultrasonic scaling at this time.

Changes before and on the day of your appointment

We will contact you one day before your appointment to check you COVID status and complete a risk assessment.

When you arrive for your appointment please knock on the door and wait for someone to open the door. It might take a while sometimes but rest assure they know you are expected. You will not be able to wait in the waiting room. Therefore, please arrive on time but not early. The front door will remain locked.

You will have to wear a face covering when you come for your appointment, please do not remove it until you are asked to do so. You will not be seen without a covering. We do not have enough PPE to provide them to you.

You must attend your appointment alone, unless your child also has an appointment, or you are a carer for a vulnerable adult.

Please do not bring your children or other members of your family to your appointment. You will be asked to use hand gel when you enter the practice. All staff will be wearing PPE.

Please attend the practice with as few personal items as possible. You will be asked to put it in your pockets and if it is not possible you will need to place it in a box at reception. Upon entering and leaving the surgery we will ask you to use hand gel again. The toilet facilities will not be available.

Payment will be taken remotely prior to, or after your appointment. We will not be accepting cash or cheques.

We will call or email to arrange your next appointment. Due to reduced chair time and high demand we ask you to strictly follow these steps. Failed appointments could result in deregistration from the practice. Please let us know 24 hours in advance if you cannot attend.

Visit our website for more information about when the practice will re-open. In the meantime, please do not attempt to make a new appointment.

If you experiencing a dental emergency such as severe pain or need advice you should continue to contact the surgery who will be able to help on 01403 252646 or email us at

For out-of-hours emergency appointments:

Sussex Community NHS Trust provides out-of-hours appointments. More information is available for clinics located in the Crawley, Haywards Heath, Worthing and Chichester areas.

Click here for more details on how to make appointments or receive advice.

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