White or Composite Fillings 





Composite or White Fillings


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Silver or white fillings? Given a choice, you may opt for white composite fillings that are usually white or a similar colour to your teeth. Besides the aesthetic benefit, there may be several other reasons for getting composite fillings such as decayed or worn teeth, closing a space between two teeth, or repairing chipped, cracked or broken teeth.


White fillings have historically been considered “less durable” than silver amalgam fillings; however, dentistry and technology is always evolving. There are new materials available that prove to be equally enduring. Fillings are made of glass, synthetic resin and a setting ingredient.


Is worth replacing the current amalgam fillings with white ones?


We look at your situation and provide you with personalised advice. Replacing an existing filling will depend on the condition. We may advise that it is best to wait until your old filling needs replacing.


How many appointments will I need?


Fillings, amalgam or composite, are commonly placed in one appointment. Your dentist will remove any decay and will apply a numbing medication if the tooth is near a nerve. The area will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared before the filling is placed. The filling will then be shaped and polished to the original shape.


You may experience sensitivity to hot and cold with a new filling. The sensitivity will soon disappear as your tooth adapts to the new filling.


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